Recent Testimonials

June 27, 2012

“The benefits of taking “ABW Leaves of Life” can only be measured subjectively as far as my case is concern. There are no controlled parameters except the direct effect of taking the supplement. My own experience is my total outlook with the ABW is more positive since I have no medication prescribed by my Oncologist. Secondly, I have sensed my stamina and energy seem to be more sustained. Less feeling of malaise. Thirdly, there is psychological impact knowing that wheatgrass have some scientific healing power as per report of the product, though not on controlled manner.
But these are good enough reason to enhance hope for longevity.”

– Henry Fernandez, BF Homes Paranaque

June 2012

“I have been taking ABW for the past so many months already.
As you all well know, I myself am not really in the best of
health. I have maintenance meds which I religiously take
as prescribed that I am sometimes referred to as a walking
med cabinet. But not really as compared to others who are not
only medicine cabinets but drug stores already. Well anyway,
the three caplets a day of ABW, had to some extent given me
a better feeling of well-being. My maintenance meds of course
I have to continue taking but mind you, ever since I started
taking ABW, my maintenance meds never required any
modifications nor changes nor additions unlike some people
I know of. Why, maybe because ABW is supplementing my meds
and my other vitamin supplements and has a melding effect
on my body. I am not a doctor who could very well
substantiate with authority such claim. All I know is that
I could feel good effects on me. What in particular
are these good effects? Increase energy levels,
good nights rest/sleep and have never required any
sex-related drug stimulants. I therefore subscribe
to the statement of Bert below that ABW is
“what will make our other supplements work better.”
In fact even our maintenance meds as well.”

– Francis “Buddy” Jugo, Manila, Philippines